Jul 22, 2013 for scripts used in the analysis are available from a Github repository The operations of Guillimin and Colosse are funded by the Canada 

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Le colosse de Rhodes était une gigantesque statue de bronze représentant Hélios, le dieu grec du Soleil. Elle fut édifiée par le sculpteur Charès de Lindos pour commémorer la levée du siège de la ville (en 305 avant J.C.) et la victoire des Rhodiens contre le chef macédonien Démétrios Poliorcète.

We finally have some good news, a group of Kodi devs have joined forces to form the Colossus Kodi Repo. These addons will be maintained by these devs and a few more talented well known devs will be joining the repo shortly. So watch this space for updates . The Colossus Repo which is now only available below Source. The Github zip file HERE Once you have google chrome open navigate to the official colossus repository GitHub page. Step 2: Once you are on the page, scroll down to the Repository.Colossus folder. and click on it. Step 3: In that folder you will see 5 options to choose from. Select the repository.colossus-999.999.9 file. Step 4: You will now be brought to a new page